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'Blackmail' is out!

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Hello Lexytronics and welcome to my blog!

It is December and time to rejoice as we embark on an exciting month full of good cheer and spirits!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported my debut single 'Blackmail', which came out in November this year!

I have been taken aback by the response and would like to thank these following publications and stations for your support:


Music Musings & Such (As It Says On The Tin)

Fountain Review (Cultural Review With A Scottish Voice)

Buzz Music (LA Music Blog)

Turn Up The Volume (Make Noise About Up and Coming Artists)

Track Dose (Alternative Music Blog)

Gig Radar (Bringing You Exciting Bands On The Rock And Metal Scene)

Here Comes The Flood (A Weblog About Music)

Kool Rock Radio (The Best Place For New Music And Classic Sounds)

The Devil Has The Best Tuna (New Sights To Delight Your Eyes)

She Makes Music (Most Exciting And Impressive New Music)

Zone Nights (Argentinian Music Reviews and Interviews Site)

That Buzzing Sound (Spotlights From All Over The Globe... Live from LA)

Even The Stars (Independent Manchester Music Blog)

Punk Online ( The Number One Punk Music Website And Blog)

Punktastic (The Home For New Music)

Radio Shows/Stations:

Wolfman Radio (First Radio Play Anywhere!)

Kool Rock Radio (First International Play - Peru baby!)

Silver Fox Radio (First Interview)

Crit! Radio - Cooltura FM (Barcelona Radio Station)

Cowboys And Indies (The Best In The British And Indie Scene)

Lone Frequencies (Unsigned Music Podcast)

The Warp Factor (Channel 1 Music Radio)

The Smelly Flowerpot (Cambridge 105 Radio)

The End Of The Week Show (92.2 Sheppey FM)

Rubyfruit Radio (The Best Music By Female Musicians)

Radio Lies (Podcast)

Indie Rock DJ (Playlist)

EGH Radio (Unsigned Madness With Stephen And Anne)

Radio Wigwam

I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to listen to the song! Hope I made you smile :)

Lexy x

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