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Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Hi everyone!

A lot has changed in the last few weeks, and to be honest, I wasn't sure if putting out my new album was the right thing to do at a time when everything is topsy-turvy in the normal scheme of things. However, on reflection, I felt that this makes art more important than ever. Not only am I able to give some joy to people at this time, but I will also use this as opportunity to do what I can help others. The proceeds of my album will be going back to the support the creative community here in Auckland once things start to return to normal again. Creative spaces, studios, rehearsal rooms and small venues are having to close their doors until it is safe for us all to congregate again. When the right opportunity comes up, I will make sure that the money goes straight to the pockets of those that help support us as artists. Thank you to everyone who has already bought the album and to those who have listened. It means a lot to hear your feedback. I'm happy to entertain you, and even happier if my album has made you think or feel something.

Lots of love,

Lexy x

Here are the some of links for where you can find 'Something Blue':





Apple Music


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