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Lexytron In The Press

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Lexytron Interview (Music Musings & Such)

THIS interview sees me speak with Lexytron… as she talks about her debut single, Blackmail. Lexytron tells me which musician she’d support given the chance and what her favourite memory from her career so far is; the three albums that mean a lot to her; if she gets time to unwind away from music – she ends the interview by selecting a great song.

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Lexytron Interview (The Fountain)


Soon releasing the first single from her debut album Something Blue, Blackmail, which is like the Devil’s take on a love song, sick and twisted.

Lexytron spoke with The Fountain about her future plans and her favourite gig to date.


Lexytron Interview (Buzz Music)

Lexytron releases new song Blackmail and it's a total hit! Check out this electrifying and oddly magnificent hit and get to know Lexytron below in our exclusive interview with BuzzMusic!

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Introducing Lexytron (GigRadar)

Lexytron’s music is playful and purposeful, dipped in rock but retaining an approachable poppy edge. In her words: “Lexytron sounds like a female frontwoman of more than one band!


Introducing Lexytron (Trackdose)

Speaking about ‘Something Blue’, Lexytron said: “The album plays around with different sounds and genres because I have some classical sensibilities having learned piano and violin growing up but rock n roll is where my head and heart is at."


Lexytron live interview on The Lady Liz Show

Lexytron joined the lovely Lady Liz for a Sunday night chat about her debut single 'Blackmail' and talks about some of her favourite records on Silver Fox Radio.


Lexytron Review + Q & A (Thomathy Entertainment)

Tom got the chance to have a little Q&A session with Lexytron all about her new song, ‘I’m Not A Disco‘ and the next plans for her music career.

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Lexytron Interview (Zap! Bang! Magazine)

Mike caught up with Lexytron to find out more about her influences, writing songs and new single ‘Brand New’.


Lexytron - 'Behind The Song: Tell The Vein'

Lexytron tells you all about how 'Tell The Vein' was written and recorded.

Lexytron - MOTF Takeover video

Watch back as Lexytron took over Instagram for an evening dropping some stories and videos to preview the release of 'Something Blue'.

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Lexytron interview with Muzic.Net.Nz

Chris from Muzic.Net.Nz had the privilege of talking to Lexy, the brains behind this magical journey, about how she got into music, what her main influences are and the impact music has on her.

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'Blue' Premiere and Interview (V13 Media)

Cheer up and stop feeling so damn Blue though, when it comes down to it, there is something a little blue about the latest release from singer-songwriter Lexytron. Just take a look at her new music video.

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Lexytron 'Something Blue' 'That Buzzing Sound' Podcast

Our long awaited Interview Series has begun as Manchester, now New Zealand based, Singer-Songwriter Lexytron steps up to the microphone to lead it all off. We chat about her debut album – ‘Something Blue’ (out now!), that newly released music video, our current state of the world, food, travel, playlists, and so much more!

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Behind The Album (MOTF)

Lexytron talks to Music OT Future about the story behind her album 'Something Blue' and the writing and recording process.

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Album feature (Cambridge 105 Radio)

Lexytron gives a track-by-track lowdown of 'Something Blue' for Davey Hamond's 'Smelly Flowerpot' on Cambridge 105 Radio (1 hr 23)

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Lexytron (The Diversity Of Classic Rock)

Lexytron describes music as a marriage between creative writing and interpreting music, two things she started doing from a young age. She’s also a big fan of 60s music! If you want to learn more about her, keep on reading!

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Lexytron Returns Interview (Zap! Bang! Magazine)

Zap! Bang! first spoke to Lexytron last March on the eve of the release of her single ‘Brand New’. Now she returns with a debut album - Something Blue - ZB caught up with her to find more.

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Album Blog Feature (With Just A Hint Of Mayhem)

Glowing review from WJAHOM giving a full and detailed rundown of Lexytron's debut album 'Something Blue' - an inspiring read!

See my blog for more single and album reviews, features and links to radio shows!

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