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Musician. Songwriter. Singer. Persian Punk.

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Behind the Music With Lexytron

Who is Lexy?

“Half Greek, half Persian and half English” as she described herself age 5; Manchester-born Lexy found her identity in music early on as a pianist and violinist. Her debut album ‘Something Blue’ (streaming now on Spotify and available to download from Bandcamp) crosses genres - flinging the dirt and danger of rock n roll against the bleeding heart and melody of Mozart - and is an alternative girl's guide to love, loss and lust. 

Lexytron has relocated from London, England, to Auckland, New Zealand, and is currently working on her untitled second album.

About 'Something Blue':

  • Wolfman Radio (UK): Album Of The Week.

  • Cowboys and Indies on CJAM FM (CA): Number 6 in Top 20 Indiessential Albums of March

  • With Just A Hint Of Mayhem (UK): "[Something Blue] is eclectic, exciting, electrifying, emotional and exceptional!"

  • Here Comes The Flood (NL): "A debut that is filled to the rafters with talent and a sardonic sense of humour."  

  • Lone Frequencies (UK): "Through an oft angelic exterior lies a razor sharp wit... and a veteran's instinct for pop hooks and melody."  

  • Muzic.Net.NZ: 4 Stars "It takes you somewhere, gives you something and leaves you feeling different than you did at the start."  

  • Punktastic (UK): "Imagine The Strokes' early music with a bright upbeat vocal."

  • From Sophia With Love (UK): "The album is a musical whirlwind that is just as genre-bending as it is grounded."  

  • That Buzzing Sound (US): "I'm not asking you to take a chance on Lexytron, more that you're missing out on a possible diamond in the rough."

  • V13 Media (CA): "Something Blue is unconventional in that it has no problem throwing big riffs at you, along with gentle string arrangements, choirs, and classical melody."

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Lexytron Music

Lexytron Music

Lexytron Music
Lexytron - Blue (Official Video)

Lexytron - Blue (Official Video)

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Lexytron - Tell The Vein (Official Video)

Lexytron - Tell The Vein (Official Video)

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Lexytron - Live!


Blackmail Acoustic Mini-tour @ New Cross Inn, London

October 12, 2018


Blackmail Acoustic Mini-tour @ The Reliance, Shoreditch

October 30, 2018


'Couples' Christmas Show @ The Open Book, Auckland

8 December 2019


'In Between Albums' acoustic show @ Gribblehurst Community Hub. Auckland

May 2, 2021

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I will not define myself in a box even if it is a musical one.


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